The Bloc: US and EU TZ Caldari Lowsec PVP Corp (FW) 100+ pilots

Hey there. The Bloc is open for recruitment again! Just in time for Fall 2017 campaign.

We are a well-managed Caldari Faction Warfare Lowsec PVP corporation w/ 100+ pilots.We’re seeking team-oriented pilots who value organization and growth above KB metrics.

All new pilots are admited on a 30 day trial period. See more info below.

We are predominantly UZ TZ pilots with an active EU/AU wing. We have consistently have about 7-10 EU pilots on w/ a few AU guys. During US TZ, we’ll see between 10-15 active pilots online within corp. We live in lowsec, NBSI, and pew 23/7.

We have opportunities for FCs on both timezones especially for EU.

PVP Culture

We’ll do several roams a week and the rest are the usual casual standing fleets where we are in small ships running solo plex fights or wolfpack style. Roaming fleets generally consist of T1 cruiser, Assault Frigates, T3Ds, and/or Faction/Pirate Cruisers headed by different FCs. We are part of the greater Caldari Militia coalition and share the same Teamspeak with the other bigger corps. So there are always people to play with. Don’t feel obligated to just stick to your own corpies :slight_smile:


  • 4M SP is the bare minimum .
  • You have a mindset for growth and not KB metrics. We’re looking for pilots who want to specialize in roles and not just be an F1 monkey
  • Submit Full API for background checks.
  • Must use Teamspeak 3. We are a social corp. Some people like to log on and pew. Others just want to casually play while socializing. Our age bracket is from 20s to 40s. Grown ups.
  • Must live in lowsec with us. Our HQ is our Fortizar in Eha. The local market is stocked. No hisec bears.
  • Please note that we don’t accept alt combat toons. Only mains.
  • Self sufficient in making your own income. If you can’t or won’t put the isk towards our higher level doctrines, don’t apply.
  • Be willing to train into proper support roles (logi,recon, inties)


  • Superior Free Corp jump freighting and logistics to move your ships from hisec to lowsec. More info found on our bulletin.
  • We do offer an SRP program for official corp ops.
  • Free T1 cruiser and frig logi hull for those who want to learn (we have excellent senior logi pilots for you to learn from)
  • Efficient and well managed corp.
  • Room for leadership growth such as FCs


For mid to high-tier SP pilots, we ask that you bring in and/or train towards these ships. Our Corp bulletin has more information on ship doctrines. We ask that lower SP pilots fly tackle, Electronic Assault Frigates, or T1 logi until you get T2 equivalents. While we are a rather large corp by FW standards, we’re small compared to other major lowsec entities. As such, we want pilots who can be flexible in their roles and don’t mind swithing into something else when needed.

  • Gila
  • Rattlesnake
  • Inties
  • Logistics (Basi/Scimi)
  • Recon (Lachesis/Rapier/Huginn)
  • Shield command ships or destroyers with the proper leadership bonuses

We will happily buy back your fitted doctrine ships if you ever leave us.

We pride ourselves on maintaining fleet personnel flexibility. So we ask that every pilot learn to specialize in at least 2 of 4 important roles. Preferably more if you’re talented enough :). We try not to focus on KB vanity metrics but focus on having pilots who want to learn and grow into their positions. And so we ask for pilots to learn at excelling at something beyond hitting F1.

  • A) Interceptor and tackle pilots
  • B) Recon (Lachesis, Rapier/Huginn, Loki)
  • C) Shield Logistics (T2 for vets, T1 for noobs)
  • D) Shield Command Destroyers or Shield Command Ships w/ the respective leadership bonuses (Stork | Bitfrost | Claymore | Vulture)

We do have plenty of ships on contract to ease logistical burden


Running a corp is hard work and we invest time into our pilots especially the younger ones. Pilots who pass the 30 day trial period aren’t necessarily elite PVPers. But those who show

  • A willing spirit to adapt to a role and show activity on both our TS3 comms and fleets.
  • Preparedness by having the necessary ships in hangar
  • Basically, great teammates.
  • We respect your solo and alone time as well.

How to apply:

Fill out the easy application form. Link

Recruiters: Atom Vakarian, Nostejio

Youtube Channel

[I’m re- posting stories and events from our previous thread to chronicle our journey for the last 8 months. We’ve made alot of progress]

Captains Log, November 30th 2016

It’s been a great weak for Bloc and the rest of the Militia!

We had a fun Battleship fight with our Rattlesnakes versus a hostile Macherial Gang over the weekend that ended in success. We fielded 30+ Rattlers w/ logi support to match the Gallente Militia’s Machs over a POCO. Youtube Video

Two nights later, we killed 3 officer fit marauders worth more than 40Billion in isk. LOL.

And for the hat trick, we then managed to take the home systems of the Gallente Militia; Nennamalia and Hallanen. Nennamalia was home to the Gallente for 5 years and we took it on the day of their 5th anniversary. All citizens of the system have been liberated and freed from oppressive rule!

Captain’s Log, February 2017

February has been a month full of interesting obstacles and accomplishments on both the small scale and large scale fight for The Bloc.

We kicked out the Gallente alliance, Spaceship Bebop out of their home of Eha, which they inhabited for 4 years. They tried to take it back by launching a siege on us by using AU TZ and RU TZ on us and then blob us with their US TZ. We’ve successfully held them back and learned to fight outnumbered. The seige was done over the course of a few days. One of the more fun fights we’ve had was taking on 3-4 waves of Gallente frigates with just 4 Hookbill pilots. We managed to kill 15 gallente pilots with just 4 nano Hookbills :slight_smile: Proof

I helped create the nano hookbill doctrine to counter the derptron menace that has plagued FW and this warzone for several years

On the large scale front:

We formed up an armor 60 man T3 fleet/AHAC fleet to help save a citadel that the Gallente Militia tried to kill. Never had I seen so many Guardians lost in a fight like this :slight_smile:
Youtube Video

And when you think it can’t escalate any bigger, the Gallente Militia decides they can’t fight us on their own so they end up allying/paying Snuff Box and Waffles to try and kill our Fortizar so they can finally take Eha back. So the last few weeks has been the Gallente Militia + Snuff Box + Waffles ganging up and trying to Caldari Militia. Battlereport

(Admittedly, we outnumbered them 2 to 1 but the BR doesn’t show a 150 man Pandemic Horde Maelstrom fleet that was late to the fight :slight_smile: )

A more even fight of Rattlesnakes vs Macheriels:
Youtube Video

If you’re looking for an environment where both micro gang fights exist and challenging midscale fights with higher tier doctrines sans the TIDI, I think you can find it with us. Look forward to flying with you soon!


A new cinematic video we just released, Fight For The State.


Fleet Commander’s Log:

I logged onto a Monday evening in Black Rise reading up on my daily intelligence reports across all channels. I received intel of 15-20 Gallente Militia pilots plexing up the system of Teimo to vulnerable. It was already at 98% when I heard the news. There was a 6-man public militia fleet being led by @Ichinumi_Tsukaya . He was doing his best to slow the Teimo assault but he needed more pilots to even up the odds.

The system count between both sides is 46 systems for Caldari while Gallente holds 55 with a Tier 3 to Tier 2 advantage. We’ve been trying to make a push into T3 but momentum has stalled in the last few weeks. We’ve made some headway in recent days taking 2 more systems but I didn’t want to lose a system in the process. I only had an hour to play so my options were limited.

I looked in Bloc alliance with only 7 pilots logged on for a Monday evening. So I did what any FC does in this situation. I skilled up Cat Herding to Level IV and started coercing pilots to join. I first bugged the reliable @Supernova_Surferess who is on EU timezone but an early riser. The guy was barely awake and hadn’t had his morning coffee yet but he was game. I then asked for Atom Vakarian to join the fight against the Federation. He was more interested in soloing some pilots in the system of Odamia. But I promised him candy if he got in the van. He accepted. And then my co-FC @Alesandros_Mornhavon instantly joined as he has a fetish for anything nanoish. He loves running Jackdaw fleets. I’m sure in some other lifetime, he would’ve made a great Goon FC. Grrrhhh.

With 3 grizzled vets who knew what they were doing, I chose to use the Wispa Nano Hookbills doctrine for flexibility and fighting outnumbered in plexes. But what can 4 hookbills do against against 3-1 odds, you ask? Quite a bit, actually :slight_smile:

Round 1

We free burned to Teimo. Unfortunately, the public fleet was closing down. But I managed to get a couple of the militia pilots from the public fleet to join mine and show them the ways of the Hookbill. The system was already vulnerable when we got there and the Mecha Enterprise/Aideron Robotics gallente fleet was on the ihub with an assortment of frigs, dessies, and BCs. We warped in and engaged at the desired optimal of 60-80km relying on the deadly speed, alpha, and range of our doctrine. We were doing drive bys and picking off outliers. In essence, we were being a nuisance. But as I was maneuvering my fleet around the grid, I noticed one of the militia pilots who joined my fleet had a difficult time just anchoring on me. He was more than 40km from my anchor and was stuck in the middle of their wolfpack apparently confused and unable to figure out where his friendly fleet was. He soon died. Outside of that minor casualty, we managed to scare off an entire 20 man fleet. Not just off the ihub but out of the system. Not bad for just 6 and a half pilots!

Round 2

Proud of our effort to slow the progress down, we started looting field and all the drones left behind! Before we could enjoy our loot, we were met with a new hostile fleet by the pirate corp, Dirt N Glitter. They were running a 9 man Merlin + Bantam fleet and caught me by surprise as they landed 30km away from us. We kicked our propulsion into overdrive and started maneuvering around the grid to establish better position. I noticed the merlins were eager and gave chase to us by overheating their prop module beyond 4,000 meters per second. No doubt confident they could pull within scram range of our fragile ships. In their eager pursuit, they’d soon end up being separated from their bantam logi.

You see, the key here is to show enough leg and feign vulnerability to make the hostile fleet think it has you where they want you. If you establish too much distance between you and the hostile fleet, they give up and won’t fight. If you give them too much ground, you risk losing your entire fleet. So you’re looking for the Goldilock zone. It’s gotta be just right.

That’s where @Supernova_Surferess comes into play as he almost got tackled a couple of times as he struggled to keep up with me. He wasn’t feiging anything. He really was in trouble. Apparently he didn’t have strong enough coffee that morning! So he teased and showed some of those sexy legs while I kept calling targets. Within a few minutes, their fleet succumbed to the power of the Wispa Hookbill. A doctrine originally designed to fight off waves of derptrons in plex fights.

Round 3
I knew it was only a matter of time before the Gallente fleet would make its way back to Teimo with a heavy Battlecruiser and Battleship doctrine to kill of the ihub. We’d obviously be no match to that and I had to go soon so I couldn’t be bothered to babysit a system. I heard of a Templis fleet forming up to go fight them. So we headed back to Akidagi and formed up with them in a heavy armor doctrine which consisted of a Nestor and Vindicator as standouts. 30 minutes passed before a wild Gallente fleet appeared in Teimo again. We made our way over and curbstomped everything with barely a scratch to our fleet.

So in total, 3 rounds of fights in just over an hour. So not bad.

To the young pilots and aspiring FCs in New Eden; Never let anyone tell you that you need equal or greater numbers to make a difference in a fight. The right mindset and surrounding yourself with the right pilots will always go a long way.

And as of this morning, Teimo is still in our hands :slight_smile:

Screenshot of the KB for that night

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Farming Salt Farmers (Part 1)

Date: Saturday 14th 2017
Fight: Gilas vs Gilas
Who: Caldari Militia vs Salt Farmers

The Caldari Militia which consisted of Templis and Bloc Alliance, originally formed up a Gila/Basi fleet to go fight another group. Unfortunately, the fight did not happen but before we stood down, we received intel of a Salt Farmer Gila fleet. This is a German pirate group that recently moved in 2 jumps away in Kehjari and had been RFing structures and a crap ton of POCOS. I think they own 20-30 POCOs in the area now. Apparently, they were RFing a Raituru in Eha. We freeburned our way over to Eha but they just had RFed it and went back home to Kehjari which was 2 jumps away. They saw us coming and decided they would fight us in Martoh on the Kehjari gate. They had a Gila doctrine but no Basi support on grid. Knowing they have capital support, we knew that this was obvious bait but were unsure of how many capitals and FAXes they would drop on us. We decided to take the fight and let fate decide the rest.

As soon as the fight commenced, a hostile Lif cynoed in. Unfortunately, the FAX proved ineffective for them as we were making quick work of their Gila fleet even with the LIF on grid. We brought in several dreads to kill off the Lif pilot as well. And that ended the fight.

But before we could celebrate, they decided to escalate and cyno in 2 Super Carriers on us. Our dread pilots were still in siege mode and were sitting ducks against the dps of 2 Supers. In order to buy our dreads some time to exit seige and leave system, we ended up killing off their Fighter Bombers to help mitigate DPS. We were making slow work of the Cyclops while our skeleton crew of Basi pilots were trying desperately to keep reps on the remaining seiged Naglfar and feeding him enough capacitor so he can jump out. In what seemed like an eternity, our last Naglfar pilot finally exited seige mode and manage to jump out…with 8% structure left on his ship!

Farming Salt Farmers (Part 2). Salt Gets Peppered.

Date: Saturday October 21st 2017
Fight: Gilas vs Zealots
Who: Caldari Militia vs Salt Farmers

Salt Farmers formed up a Zealot gang to attack a Raitaru’s armor timer. Caldari Militia, led by main FC, Sparton, formed in our trusty Gila doctrine to fight them. As you can tell from the video below, they decided to bait with a Revelation on grid. We knew they were blue to SNUFF so we expected backup once the fight commenced. They had a great idea of a smartbombing battleship on our drones but we immediately made quick work of that. And the Zealots, while having great damage projection, didn’t have enough ehp to tank the Gilas.

We were making quick work of them. As the fight was going south, they tried to light a cyno with a velator so SNUFF could come in with their legion comp. Aside from the amateurish tactic of using a velator to light a cyno, it took them forever to light it. This allowed us to alpha it off the field quickly and only allowed for some of the SNUFF fleet to come in. We continued hammering on the fleet until a second cyno could finally be lit. The second half of the SNUFF fleet came in. We didn’t have enough DPS to break the backup and decided to leave field. Fun fight.

We’re recruiting!

BLOC provides good content in EU and USTZ

Now is the time. Caldari is at Tier 5, something very few have ever seen. Get in corp, get in fleet and get in the war!

Come join, active fleets in both EU and US TZ.

From small gang to larger engagements :slight_smile: