Grow your PVP Corp. The BLOC: US TZ lowsec Alliance seeks another US TZ corp to Grow With


We are the The Mjolnir Bloc. A 200 man EU and US TZ lowsec pvp alliance based in Caldari Faction Warfare.
We reside in Black Rise; the most active lowsec region for pvp. We’re looking to open up our recruitment to another corp that is seeking a US TZ alliance and wants to grow itself while leveraging the resources a bigger alliance offers.


You are a pvp corp that probably has 10-20 active pilots on US TZ. You’re not ready nor do you care to join the likes of high end elite alliances that requires you to have supers and sit on a titan for 2 hours. But you know you don’t want to join some trash tier outfitter in null where you all end up doing is ratting. You’re interested in small gang fights that consist of 10-30 pilots in fleet but also have pilots interested in daily microgang fights of 1-5. And occasionally plug into major stratops of 100 pilots. You might have an FC but want to plug into another alliance that has a bench of FCs to alleviate the burden of having one single FC. You know you can’t fight off the blob so you need friends of your own.


1. FC Bench. We have a bench of 2-3 other US TZ FCs capable of casual T1 cruiser fleets to more serious doctrines like Gila/Basis. Our bench can take the workload off of your FC(s) so they don’t feel burnt out to create content for pilots every week
2. Our alliance can field 10-20 pilots for your FCs who could probably use more manpower for his/her fleet
3. A target rich environment. There’s plenty of micro gang fights from 1-5 pilots to organized fleet environments.
4. Organization: We have a superior logistics program. Our local fortizar is well stocked with ships and ammo. We have clearly laid out doctrines . See below.
5. Allies for bigger fleets. We prefer to focus on our daily micro gangs and the sweet spot of 15-30 pilots for our fleets. But we’re blue to all major Calmil corps which allows us to do bigger fleet fights which can hit 100 pilots. This is usually us fielding Rattlesnakes, Macheriels, and Capitals. Otherwise, we minimize the blue allies we have. This isn’t nullsec. We’re not interested in blue donuts.

Our Doctrines. With the exception of Macheriels., our mainline doctrines are generally shield based. Though, we’ll do some FOTM armor doctrines for fun.

Cheap Stuff

  • Caracals
  • Feroxes

Serious Stuff

  • Gilas

Super Serious

  • Macheriels + capitals

Note that we know the common perception of FW is that it’s dead or it’s just frigs and dessies. These are just myths. We kill more than many so-called pvp nullsec alliances with similar membership. Check our KB. And here are just a few videos of fights involving HAC-level doctrines

Gila Brawl vs Salt Farmers with Capital/Super Capital Escalation
Calmil Gilas vs Salt Farmer Zealots

Evemail Deen Wispa for a follow up. And we can exchange a few emails and chat on TS3 if you’d like more information and want to find if we are a good fit.

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