The Mjolnir Bloc [MBLOC] ✫Recruiting! ✫


We are the lead Corporation for a well-managed Caldari Faction Warfare PVP Alliance (The BLOC) seeking team-oriented pilots who value organization, respect and growth. We are predominantly US and EU TZ, but we are seeking pilots from across all Time Zones. We pride ourselves on our ability to take the fight to the enemy outnumbered and win.

Our current HQ is located in Eha in the Black Rise region. We form a part of the wider Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC), often fleeting and completing objectives for the State with our Caldari brethren from across the warzone.


All new pilots are subject to a 30 day probation period. New pilots are expected to have a minimum of 3 million skill points before applying, in order to fly our most basic doctrines.

Pilots who pass probation will have shown good participation in Corp and Alliance level fleets, a willingness to be present on TeamSpeak, as well as an eagerness to socialise and learn new things.


  • We will only accept Main Characters in to MBLOC, no alts please.

  • Must have TeamSpeak.

  • We are a community of mature players and as such we cannot accept anyone under the age of 16.

  • We are a Low Sec Alliance; applicants must be willing to live in or move to Low Sec.

  • Applicants must be self-sufficient from the end of their probation period.

  • Applicants must be willing to train into at least 2 specialised roles at the end of their probation period, e.g. Logi, Interceptor tackle/scout, Covert Ops, etc.


  • Superior jump freighter and transport services to move assets safely to your hanger in our Eha HQ from both High and Low sec.

  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for ships lost in StratOp or Coalition level fleets.

  • Weekly fleet schedule (on top of StratOps, Flash forms and training fleets).

  • Complimentary frigates and Destroyers (2x T1 Frigate / 2x T1 Destroyer) for new pilots with less than 5 Million skill points.

  • A team orientated Alliance ethic with a focus on PvP.

  • A “RL comes first” mantra that is engrained in the Alliance’s ideals.


Apply Here:

In-game Public Channel: MBLOC Public

Contact our Recruitment Team: Tsunetomo Kusunoki, Nostejio and BoomBangGone.

Our YouTube Channel:

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