The Bounty System, aka: Flogging a dead horse

Revamp of bounty system idea:

New agent: Bounty Agent
Bounty agents come in levels - higher levels of agent grant access to players with higher bounties.

How it works:

  1. Go to a bounty agent - this agent will give you the choice between three randomly selected bounties. The offered bounties are scaled by the agents level - so a higher level agent would be more likely to give you a bounty on someone who has more ISK against them. Lower levels of bounty agents only give access to lower bountied players.

Note:: The offered bounties will only include players who have logged in within the last 48 hours and have been seen within the same region as the agent during that time.

  1. The player selects a bounty - they now have 48 hours to terminate the bounty

  2. To facilitate this, the bounty hunter now has kill-rights on that person for that duration.

  3. The target is not informed that someone is hunting them.

  4. Other people could have been assigned this bounty as well - so it could be a race to see who get’s there first.

  5. It would be possible to form a posse - if you are the leader of a gang, then any members of that gang can also attack the target freely.

  6. The bounty, when paid out, goes to the person who got the mission, it would be up to them to pay-out any others who helped.

  7. In exchange for these kill rights, the agent takes 20% (reducible by skills) of your payout.

  8. Another set of skills allows more payout to be achieved - at the moment I think it’s 20% of the target ship’s value in bounty?? This could be increased to 70% though skills (10% additional payout per level)

VERY IMPORTANT THINGIE HERE::: These agents will only supply bounties on characters with a negative security status. If you want to collect a bounty on someone who has a positive security status then…


  • These work in the same way, except they only give you bounties for people with a positive or neutral security status. You don’t get kill rights, but instead, depending upon the level of the agent, they increase the response time of Concord (if in high-security space) - either through bribery, or some form of disruption/hacking whatever. The outcome is that when attacking that person, Concord does not respond as quickly. Depending upon the level - it could delay them up to 120 seconds. This would give you time to escape, and would not look like concord was allowing these attacks on a citizen with good standing.

But could this be abused? Well, you can’t control who’s bounty you will get since it’s randomly assigned, and the agent will only offer you 3 contracts a day - so you can’t spam it to get someone you want to troll. Also, existing bounty behaviour will be retained, so if someone kills them, they get paid out as they already do. This isn’t a replacement, it’s an enhancement. I’m sure there are a million things I’ve not taken into account. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

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You at least avoided the usual pitfall from other Bounty system rework topics which allowed killrights to be purchased for ISK on anyone. It would not even limit who you could give a bounty so even forum troll bountying would remain intact and as useless as it is now. As long as the killright generation would be introduced like you suggested and only people with negative sec status would be affected, I quite like the first draft.

-1 Prefer the current system.

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