THE CALIPHATE needs more PIGS for the lowsec MUDPIT (AUS/NS)

The Caliphate needs more pigs in the lowsec mudpit!!!

We are a AUS/NZ based corp with 10 years of experience in this hell of a universe currently looking for members or all creeds, time zones AND ALSO skill levels we have dedicated members ready to teach in the following PI, Worm hole ratting/mining, indy and PVP

We regularly involve ourselves in low sec drama and ■■■■■■■■* as well as engaging in pvp fleets threw out the working week and weekends with a dog breakfast of fleet compositions (we fly anything and everything basically a space tailband)

If you feel like you have enough idiot in yourself to partake in this fleet and isk making madness don’t hesitate in messaging one of our handsome staff (just me) @Austef_Allan @ODIN_Walker

Discord is :Seymon of the Caliphate


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