The Chat system is essential for player retention and should be updated

Do you work in software development? In marketing? In business law? Do you have any concept of the costs associated with making even a minor change to a small part of a software system? Some of which include: developing business requirements for the issue; writing use cases to describe what the new code will deliver (not just for the customer, but also how it interacts with other systems to retrieve or send data, and how staff interacts with it for critical functions - such as moderation activities); business meetings to refine the requirements with developer feedback on what is possible, what is practical, and what is out of scope for the desired change; writing the actual functional code to deliver the desired behavior; testing the code’s functionality; regression-testing the connected systems; countless interim meetings to monitor project development and discuss issues, roadblocks, updates to the requirements based on early-phase testing, etc.; writing documentation on the new code/systems, and updating documentation for any systems it interfaces with as well; and finally all the people who have to be engaged for a code release to implement the code, and be ready to back it out if something goes awry in the production environment even when the test environment passed with flying colors (because no test environment is perfect - there is always the potential for a minor variance in production that has not been properly documented).

All of that? It’s not cheap. I just spent $100,000 to swap out a referenced field and re-write an exceedingly simple calculation used by an API - a tiny project in the scale of things. What you are talking about is orders of magnitude more complicated and equivalently more expensive.

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