The Church of Awesome - PvP Focused Group seeking active players

We are a corporation focused primarily on PvP. Our group is composed of primarily solo pvpers who fleet up to on bigger fights but are now diving into more coordinated and fleet based combat as well.

  • This is a no obligation corp. composed of self-sufficient players.

  • We constantly discuss tips, tricks and tactics with it comes to solo or small gang gameplay.

  • We love punching up and taking on gangs within Faction Warfare space and WH space.

Our main HQ is situated in a C3 Wormhole with a LS static, that we jump in and out of to pvp in FW space.

The WH offers:

PVP Loot
Industry (Raitaru)
Gas huffing
PI (10 planets)

20M SP
Eagerness to undock, learn and PvP

Join our discord to find out more or make an application: Discord

Our peak activity times are generally from 18:00 onwards, server time.

Corp KB:

The Church of Awesome | Corporation | zKillboard

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How not to roll a Wormhole, join us, let’s make this mistake bigger!

Fist bump! :slight_smile:

still recruiting!



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