[Sum.o] wormhole corporation (C4) PVE/PVP

Sum of awesomeness is looking for like minded players. Are you interestested in the deep space aspects of wormholes. In the perfect mix of PVE and PVP. Earning some isk and build our own place to live together. You might fit in!

Might fit in? Yes we think fitting in is what matters. Besides the skillpoints or knowledge you might have, we think that is the most important aspect of the game. Playing together is what matters. Returning player, experienced player fully new player all are welcome. But fitting in is what matters. Do you wish to join a corp or do you wish to be part of a corp.

Sum.o is there for the players and not the otherway around we are there for one reason and one reason only to provide content for you. First time in a wormhole? Don’t worry there is always someone else around to help you around or show you around.

PVP: Small gang
PVP: Fleet
PVE: Ratting/Salvaging
PVE: Gas huffing
PVE: Mining (ICE)
PVE: Building

Join our discord https://discord.gg/WTp8qDRVsr or contact me in game.


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