The Commonwealth is Calling Corporations

From: The Commonwealth

My name is Rex Barchurst, I am the CEO of Orbital Wreckoning, and I represent a Commonwealth of independent corporations operating in the Minmatar Republic regions.

-If you run a small highsec corporation and have become frustrated with the recruitment channel but want to take your group to the next level.

-If you are a skilled player that has always dreamed of starting your own corporation, but have never had the right opportunity.

-If you are a bitter vet that finds little enjoyment in your current game play and needs a new journey and testing of a higher meta of game play.

-If you are a returning player or current player that wants a fresh start with new players that are excited to play the Eve.

We are seeking other corporations, aspiring CEO’s, and players of all skill levels and talents that would like to get to know each other, grow together, and seek financial gain and content together.

Contact: Rex Barchurst in game

The Commonwealth Calls

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