The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

WTS 6.8 mill LP @600 isk/lp - Mail Mati2402 in game

WTS 600k LP 550isk - LP. Mail me in game

WTS 1.5m LP @ 750isk/lp

WTS 1.9mil LP @ 700isk/LP

mail Umenod Lera Yazria ingame

WTS 100k LP 800 isk /LP. Mail me in game

WTS 992k LP @900

IGN: Yhivi Whitestorm

WTS 800k LP @ 850 isk / LP

WTS 550K LP @ 850isk / LP

WTS 2m Concord LP @ 900 isk/lp. Mail me in game.
WTS 3.5m Concord LP @ 800 isk/lp.

Wtb 50 Mil Concord LP , pm ingame .

WTS 674K LP @ 875 ISK/LP

PM/Mail in-game, please.

BUYING CONCORD LP 800isk/lp ! Looking for 10-20m

(post deleted by author)

WTB CONCORD LP @1100 ISK/LP Hisec small amounts welcomed

WTB Concord LP @1200 isk/LP

Done deal

WTB Concord LP @1200 isk/lp
PM/Mail in-game/ preferably message me on discord Rashid Chakrabarti#4302

WTB 2 mil CONCORD LP @1100 ISK/LP Hisec small amounts welcomed
contact AngelineLefevre

WTS 1.65m CONCORD ISK @1200 ISK/LP Contact Bob Cratchitt in game Thanks

WTS 3m LP @850 isk/lp
PM/Mail in-game, please ( Reeixit’s ).