The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

WTB Concord LP at 1300 isk/lp null sec

WTS 840k CONCORD LP at 1100 isk/lp

Can PM/ mail in-game, or discord Kanthannic1227#1928 , thanks

WTS 1.5 million at 1080, prefer to be contacted via eve mail

WTS 2M lp 1100 ea /w in game

WTB 1-10 mil concord LP in outer ring @ 1200isk/lp. I can assure you the trip is risk free and profitable. Please eve mail me if you are interested

WTS 9M Concord LP @ 1k/LP

WTS 1.14M Concord LP @ 1200

WST 2MIL LP @ 1200
o7 fly safe

WTS 600k LP @ 1200. If you are in High Sec I can fly to you.
Eve Mail to contact

Selling 400k of CONCORD LP @ 1000
PM me to make a deal.

wtb 1-2 mil concord LP @ 1k isk/lp MAIL ME IN GAME

WTB 1,800,000 Concord LP at 1000 in station or 1200 at Jita

PM or in game mail for contact

WTS 1B LP @ 1200 @ jita Region

WTS 290,000 LP for 1,100 at Jita. Mail me in game.

WTS 920k LP @1100 mail me in game or on here :slight_smile:

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WTS 2.000.000k LP @1100 mail me in game or on here

WTS 888,600 LP @ 1000 isk/lp @ 4C-B7X

This is actually me lol

I would like to sell several million of CONCORD lp at 1000 isk/lp. Send me a mail in game, high sec only.