The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

WTS 900,000 LP for 1000 isk/LP, preferred contact is though Eve mail

WTS 2,300,000 CONCORD LP for 1000 isk/LP. Kindly send me a mail in game, high sec only. Thank you for you time~

WTB - Buying LP @1000isk/LP. Contact me through EVE-mail for offers! ^^

WTS 1300000 Concord LP - 1000 ISK/Lp Send mail if interested

WTS 2,000,000 Concord LP - 1000 ISK/LP Send Mail if interested - thanks so much!

WTB 200-900k ConcordLP @ 1000 isk/lp | HS JITA