The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

WTS 900,000 LP for 1000 isk/LP, preferred contact is though Eve mail

WTS 2,300,000 CONCORD LP for 1000 isk/LP. Kindly send me a mail in game, high sec only. Thank you for you time~

WTB - Buying LP @1000isk/LP. Contact me through EVE-mail for offers! ^^

WTS 1300000 Concord LP - 1000 ISK/Lp Send mail if interested

WTS 2,000,000 Concord LP - 1000 ISK/LP Send Mail if interested - thanks so much!

WTB 200-900k ConcordLP @ 1000 isk/lp | HS JITA

I am interested for buying 4000 Concord LP at 1100 ISK/LP

WTB a lot of CONCORD LP, 1200 per in nullsec.
Currently only need 324k LP but will make repeated purchases. Convo or Mail ingame if interested.

WTS 35mil Concord LP @ 1200 ISK/LP

Across 2 toons, 11.7m and 24.1m

WTB Concord LP 1100 isk/lp high sec

Buying CONCORD LP 1200 isk/lp nullsec (1250 isk/lp for amounts over 10m+ LP)

Contact Carnegie Avianson ingame via evemail, and join the mailing list ‘CONCORD LP’

WTB LP Near Jita 1200 isk/lp

ping me in DS: QuaBlazar#5117
or mail here: Dead-Inside

WTS 2500000 Concord LP
Price: 1200isk/lp

Bought everything I need. Ty :+1:

WTS 2,000,000 Concord LP @ 1200ISK per LP
Can be contacted either here or ingame mail.

WTS Concord LP total “3.130.000”

1300 isk/lp total 3 toons


mail IGN or Discord: Ifrit#0666

wts 1993635 concord lp 1.3k/lp
discord: 1234567890poi#7566

WTS 736246 CONCORD LP @ 1.2k/lp
Discord: Rito Cristian#0932

WTS 282000 concord LP @1.5k/lp
Contact in game or discord: [BREP]Marrcus#5142

WTB Concord LP (nullsec)
Paying 1250 isk/LP.
No maximum amount.