The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

I’m looking to buy a bunch of ORE items. Anyone here willing to convert their CONCORD LP to ORE LP?

Sure. What LP/ISK ratio are you willing to support? I’ve got 1.2m Concord LP lying around.

WTS 112k Concord LP at 1250 ISK/LP, highsec, contact in mail or private convo.

Wtb Concord LP points by Focesed void bombs BPC… mail ingame or private convo.

wts 1552425 lp for 1200isk/lp somewhere near jita

WTS 30.8 m LP @1200 k/LP if concord lp store , HS only
Contact me via EvE mail ingame


Fly incursion with on of the comuntys out thhere … you get 7k concord LP per sit … amount is paid off when focus is finished.

WTS 112,00 LP @1200 k/lp. Contact via Evemail

WTS 1.3M LP @ 1200 - Mail me in game.

WTS 450k LP @ 1200/LP

WTS 2.5mil LP @1200isk/lp

Please mail me or convo me in game


WTS 400K LP at 1200 ISK/LP

Please mail me in-game. Low or High sec only please.

WTS 1.4M LP at 1100 ISK/LP


If interested, please mail or convo me in game.

Thank you.

WTS 421,375 LP @ 1100isk/LP. Hisec only.

Contact me via EVE Mail ingame

WTS 3 Mil for 1.1K Per LP

Contact me via EVE mail in game

WTS 1.4m LP at 1200K/LP

Contact me via EVE mail in game.

Still OPEN!

WTS 2m LP at 1000 ISK/LP

Highsec only. Contact me via Mail or Convo! (SOLD)

WTS 1,97m LP 1100 ISK/LP


Contact via Mail

WTS 1.56M LP 1100ISK/LP

contact via mail or convo

WTS 2.1m Caldary navy LP preferably 900isk/lp but open to any offer.
mail or convo ingame