The "Concord LP" Public Trading Channel and Mailing List

Hi is Anyone selling Angel Cartel LP?

WTB 2m SOE 900 isk/lp -open to offers and conversions

WTB 1.5m Concord LP @ 1000 ISK/LP

Hello, WTS LP in bulk 1.5k/lp baseline.
Open to negotigation depending on volume.
lp is spread across multiple characters so listing as 28m in reality 29.3m currently.

Please do not contact if Volume of Purchase is under 3m lp

If interested Mail This Toon.
Have a good day

WTS 1.5m Concord LP @ 1000 ISK/LP

hey i can fullfill this order do u still need ?

wts 6mil LP 1100isk/LP

trade finished, post not actual

Hey Ghost, I’m after 1m CONCORD LP if you’d like to make a market for that amount :slight_smile:

WTS - CONCORD LP, Various mission LP

CONCORD                108,469 	1000 isk/pt 	1250 isk/pt converted
Civic Court	            78,383	1250 isk/pt  	Amarr stuff
Carthum Conglomerate	40,880	1250 isk/pt  	Amarr stuff
Corporate Police Force	37,754	1250 isk/pt  	Caldari stuff
Sisters of Eve         	36,045	1250 isk/pt

WTS - 1.4m CONCORD LP 1000isk/LP


WTS 1,8m Concord LP 1000isk/lp