The Coyote Cartel - C2 - C3 - HS

Hello from The Coyote Cartel!

We are a C2 WH corporation newly founded and just getting our bearings. Our wormhole has a C3 static and a high sec static. perfect for any new bro that wants to invest their time in ratting, data sites, relic sites, exploration, gas huffing, mining, ice harvesting, or even what we focus on primarily within Wormlife alliance, PVP.

We are dedicated in service to Wormlife in the aspect that we lend aid to the new pilots that seek out worm space to live in! We have a lot to offer currently, even though we just recently began!

{+} OFFERS {+}

╬ Access to wormspace for ratting/data/relic/gas/ice sites!
╬ SMALL GANG FLEETS! As coyotes we love to hunt and prowl!
╬ New pilot friendly! We will help you learn and grow as an individual!!
╬ Active Alliance!
╬ Access to freeports in some other J-space systems!
╬ Easy ship doctrines!
╬ Active Discord!
╬ Pathfinder!

There are very minimal requirements that we wish for one to meet to be a part of our pack! So here they are! If you meet the following, you are welcome to fly with us!

-Omega (Alpha is fine but expect to be hero tackle, and to not be able to cloak up in space!!)
-1.5 Million SP
-Basic knowledge of scanning. (Can/will help learn)
-Respectful and positive attitude about learning and progressing in game. (Ex. losing a ship.)
-Headset required. (Discord)
-Maintain activity/communication within the corp/discord.
-The willingness to learn PVP and PVE and take advice from others.

You can find me in game and contact me there!

Fly dangerous pilots! o7

Welcome to wormhole Space!

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Thank you so kindly! been here for a while now just finally getting serious about wanting to help newbros and new pilots! Have gotten at least 5 recruits in the past 2 days and all are growing well and taking advice well, learning thus far! :smiley:


I’m interested in learning more and about TZ that members are a part of!

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Most of us are US TZ, but we have one german, and one russian TZ player. if you would like to know more I am currently online and in “The Coyote Cartel Pub” channel in game.

As a little bit of a taste of what type of PVP we are so far capable of together as a unit: EVE Online: The Coyote Cartel Vs Praxis - YouTube (even though that is only a 4 man crew we rolled with, we have roughly 14 active pilots in our den now, and we are slowly growing more and more each day!!)

Bumping! We are still open to recruitment and looking for active pilots in the US TZ!

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