The Dark Rat Clan | Mining | Newbie Friendly

The Dark Rat Clan is a brand new corp made by yours truly, and I am looking for other new players who just want to learn and grow together.

We focus on more calm and peaceful playstyles with Mining and Industry and seek to carve out a space where we can mine, sell, and buy in peace. PvE will also be occasionally done as the corp grows and missions can be carried out safely.

We’d love to have you if you prefer running more militaristic missions, as mining ships can be quite vulnerable.


  • Be a team player
  • No piracy is allowed, whether in corp or against other capsuleers.
  • No skill points requirements

If you want to join a mining corp that seeks to become an industrial powerhouse, join the Dark Rat Clan today! Our recruitment channel is “The Dark Rat Clan,” quotation marks not included. Hope to see you there. Fly Safe!

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Bumping, still recruiting!

Bumping, still recruiting!

Bumping, still recruiting!

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