The Dark Vanguard - EU TZ focussed, aggressive & fun PVP

The Dark Vanguard are a group of like minded PVPers, looking for people to join us. We are a corp centered around having fun blowing up internet spaceships and looking for opportunities to test ourselves and improve.

If you are a solo/small-mid gang pvper looking for a stable group, good supply lines (to bring more spaceships to blow up) and friendly banter then look no further!

What we are looking for:

An active pvper…we like to blow stuff up, so should you!

  • Ability to think for yourself and not need to rely on other people to tell you what to do all the time - we are rarely F1 monkeys!
  • Generally ISK self sufficient - we aren’t that focussed on PVE but can probabaly help you fund your pvp addiction

What we can offer:

A well organised, ambitious and tight group of players

  • A place where you are not just another number in fleet and your participation counts
  • Competent and active FC’s
  • Very few blue’s and plenty of small gang/solo PVP opportunities (enemies are about 3 jumps from our staging)

Our killboard: - over 30,000 total corporation kills and counting!


Join our discord: The Dark Vanguard or “TDVG Pub” in game

Back up here we go!

Come join us for more good PVP!

Rakkin is Good People! Hit him up!


Rakkin was my first love! he could be yours too!

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More BLOPS kills


Top here we come

Good People hit them up!!

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Good Guys! Hit them up!!

Check this Geeza Out Release the Rakkin!!

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Pew pew

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Come ‘Release the Rakkin!!’


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