The Dark Vanguard - Highly active EUTZ PVP Corp


(Rakkin) #1

The Dark Vanguard is a highly active EU TimeZone Null Sec PVP corp focussed on blowing things up! We’re part of a Sov holding alliance so we have good ISK making (Ratting/Mining/Explo etc.) and lots of content.

In game Channel: TDVG Pub

We are primarily focussed on the EU TZ with nearly all of our members active during EU Prime. We are all PVP minded, competitive over our killboards and have good content generators both within the corp and alliance.

We’re looking for active and Null Sec compitent people to fly with us. We’re laid back and mature so we totally understand RL comes first and there are no expectations to alarm clock fights and sit through hours of TiDi.

What we can offer:

  • Laid back mature corp of like minded people
  • LOTS OF FLEETS AND FIGHTS! Typically there are multiple fleets per day (non-mandatory) plus we run regular gate camps and corp roams so there is pleny to stuff to do
  • SRP (inc. caps)
  • Cap & Super Cap fights so cap alts are gladly accepted
  • Good null sec for ISK making, good market, corp buyback etc.


  • Integrate with the corp! If you like solo PVP thats fine but get on comms and chat with us while you’re doing it so we can get to know you a bit
  • Some null sec experience (we can help you with PVP stuff but don’t want to hand hold)
  • Decent level of SP (no absolute minimum limit)
  • No alphas

Get in contact - either mail me in game, reply here or join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

91M SP Pilot + Capital Alt/JFs - Looking to join 0.0 Corporation
81m Skill point returning player looking for corp
(Dalor Redoath) #2

Time for weekend fun, join us today to get in all the action.

(Klava Vala) #4

End of weekend, good time to consider joining our corporation.

(Klava Vala) #5

Bumpity Bump!

(Dalor Redoath) #8

One week since last weekend. A short time in our life but it could been better with us.

(Rakkin) #9

It almost the weekend so come and chat…join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

(Dalor Redoath) #10

I know you want it, we want it, join this weekend to get extra pat on back.

(Dalor Redoath) #13

LFGP, ♪They want you, they want you
They want you as a new recruit ♪

(Rakkin) #14

Its FriYAY - Come and chat…join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

(Rakkin) #20

Its the weekend!!! \o/


(Rakkin) #21

:smiley: We were there!

(Rakkin) #23

Middle of the week - gome get some pew pew

(Rakkin) #25

Its the weekend!!! \o/


(Rakkin) #27

We’re still here :smiley:

(Rakkin) #29

+1 shiny killmail for the killboard

(Rakkin) #32

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(Rakkin) #33

Its the weekend!!! \o/


(Rakkin) #36

It’s been busy, but we’re still here and still looking for EU PVP bros!

(Rakkin) #37

Come and chat…join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

(Rakkin) #38

Middle of the week - come get some pew pew