The Dawg House -membership applications are open

Looking for a family-like EVE experience instead of a huge corp where nobody knows you?

We created THE DAWG HOUSE to be just that!

The Dawg House is looking for active members who’d like to have a good time.

Members that would like to advance there capabilities , to eventualy move out to Nullsec and join our Big Brother corp ( THE DOG HOUSE )

We offer

A welcoming fun,drama free but personal atmosphere!
with a Real Life comes first attitude!
An Opportunity to move to our High quality Null Sec Home
We welcome new and Alpha members to Bittervets

We are looking for:

Active relaxed mature players
Players willing to Learn and help others when in need

What is required :

A Working microphone and speakers, setup and use Discord for Comms
A reasonable degree of activity (logging in once a fortnight is not what we’re after)

We do require an ESI check

Message us by evemail or join our Public channel in game The Dawg House
for any inquires or questions

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