The Deuoi - A Sov Null-Sec Corp Seeking Active US TZ Players

The Deuoi
From the ashes, we rise.

Who We Are: The Deuoi is a recently formed Sov Null corporation. We are a group of friends, born from the ashes of who we once were. Proud members of Sigma Grindset.

What We Do: We are primarily a PvP focused crew, with room for some Indy and PvE pilots to help keep the lights on. USTZ.

Who We Want: We are a tight nit group of friends. We are not looking to add 100 pilots to screech over each other in comms. We are looking to add a few players who fit in with our group, enjoy shooting other players, and like hanging out during our down time.

What We Offer:

  • Real life first attitude. Can’t make a CTA? No issue.
  • Daily PvP opportunities. Lots of BLOPS.
  • Great space for industry and mining
  • -SRP
  • A community of people who have your back


  • 10M SP. If you’re close, we might be able to work with you
  • Omega main
  • Willingness to be in comms (Discord/Mumble)
  • Self sufficiency (Know how to make your isk, so you can have fun)
  • Willingness to PvP

Like what you hear? Drop in our Discord or send an Evemail to Reitaga Piloris or JSMB or 0rion Gunner.

Recruitment still open, come talk to us and see if you would be a good fit!

Come hang out with us and get some kills or make some iskies!


New week new bump, hope everyone had a great holiday (if applicable to you). Come talk to us, who knows we might get along! (its like speed dating you just chat for a bit and move on if you aren’t interested!)

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