The distinction of structures

I find many of them look too similar or even exactly the same. They are “cookie cutter.” They need to have more personalization, more customization. We need the ability to make them look more distinct.

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Personally I find them to be disruptive

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The said at fanfest that they’re working on ideas for customization. Maybe not modular construction, but cosmetic.

So they will be less distasteful to the OP?

At least it’ll be something that can set them apart.

Fair. They do need to be a little more dissimilar than they are now

Maybe be like a T3C where the modules determines the shape of it.

Digging through the 3d models as I usually do, I think this is already the case (Or the graphics are rendered in parts, im not sure), but its not noticeable enough.

In case nobody picked up on this its satire. Taking the piss from the other “the dis###### of structures”

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Fun times :slight_smile:

this thread’s not so distinct

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