Ability to choose structure design when manufacturing

With the various NPC structure designs in EVE it would be nice to have the ability/option when manufacturing a structure be able to choose the design of the structure being manufactured

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that would be a new feature CCP are only making Skins or nerfing existing

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But this could be implemented as a skin! CCP knows that structure skins would sell, they just haven’t started making them yet.

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Skins don’t change the mesh of the model,
which I believe is what the OP is talking about.

It’s not an idea that makes sense form an in-universe perspective.
What is she going to do, plant “a fortizar” as a moon drill?

That’s ■■■■■■■■.

cool would be to make a FOB shape astrahus
same stats just the shape … its already in the game so it should be “easy”

and yea i can understand what OP wants … ist a cool idea


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It’s a cool idea if you just look at the surface.
In reality it’s ■■■■■■■■, because it needs to be in-game-realistic at least.

When you plant a FOB, you’ll have the stats of the FOB, otherwise it’s nonsensical. Suddenly you have one type of FOB that takes ages to grind down and nother type of FOB that doesn’t.

Worse, the stats aren’t adjustable on the fly. CCP would need to implement a structure for every different possible option, which is absolute nonsense. Then think about the even greater nonsense of planting a KeepStar as a moondrill with the KeepStar having the stats of said moon drill.

It’s nonsense. Can you easily impressed people please at least have a tiny little bit respect for the game as a whole, instead of treating it like a shallow, meaningless connection of mini-games where nothing matters anyway?


it’s not that it can’t be done, it can, but it would mean every single time a player created a new model that model would.

1: need to be passed as ok (no copyright issues)

2: isn’t shaped like a body part that may upset the snowflakes.

every new model would need a skin fitted to it by the devs.

every new model would need to be downloaded to every client so people could see the model.

it’s just a huge pain in the assets that CCP doesn’t need nor has the time to deal with.

it would be cool, not gonna lie, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon.tm

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