Structure Skins When CCP?

Dear CCP,

You are missing out on one of the best things you could possibly implement into Eve Online.

Structure Skins.

Structure skins are something that numerous people across all of New Eden want. Everyone who plays Eve knows the art team does an AMAZING job! We love what they do and we would love it so very much if we could see what they could do with structure skins.

A way that structure skins could be implemented into eve is similar to how the structure cores were done. Each structure would have a new separate hanger for a skin. The skin would then follow normal loot drop rules if the structure was attacked and destroyed (ie. no 100% drop rate like the core).

This is a golden opportunity for you CCP as you can easily create structure skins (we know the art team can because they’re freakin amazing at what they do!) and then sell them on the New Eden Store for plex or have them as special edition skins that drop from all the events that have been going on.


I support this idea.

I also feel corps and alliances should be able to design skins for ships/structures.

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Excellent idea

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