Idea: Citadel Skins

When are we getting Citadel skins?

And can i ask CCP to have a long public voting on what skins gets added as well as full notification for it.

Some of my members are asking why EvE Online dont have a official discord while EvE Echoes got one.
Reddit one dont count. I don’t have a good response to them yet besides “i am not sure”.

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You know, I vaguely remember them saying something at a recent fan event that made it sound like citadel skins were right around the corner. So, if I had to wager a guess, I’d say… 3 years.


Citadel skins? Why, you want your structures to look bad too?

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Sounds like a classic epic CCP Meme

You don’t like my painting in other color then concrete?

Oh my. All eyebleach is currently being repurposed for other duties. Therefore please refrain from posting such images until further notice. Thank you.


there is a subforum for that
please move it there yourself … just edit … its easy



Thank you, it amazes me how ppl find their way around Forums.
For example is everyone just experts at using the exact search words.

You makes it look easy.

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