Research citadel/skins

Is ccp doing research/copying citadels? and how about citadel skins?

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You can already gain bonuses to research and copying using rigs and one of the struture types (engineering I think).

Skins… No clue but how would you think the mechanic would work? Right now skins are owned by the individual and apply on a per ship basis. Who owns the citadel skin, corp or a person? Who gets to apply it (CEO only, ones with the right role, or the one anchoring?)

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Citadel skins! I never thought of that. I would definitely be into that.

I’ll take the Leather.

–Gadget’s Comfy House

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i was thinking ceo if corp owns it but for all those small corps in systems full of the same citadel’s to add some flare. same boring yellow for engineering complex gets old.

i know engineering complex get a bonus to research. but they also did for refining then we got refineries. so make a research citadel that makes copies and me and time research faster. small and a medium somethind with a aura around it or rotating rings that makes it look kewl. idk just an idea.

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