Citadel skins

cause itd be cool … make them customizable like corp logos or something


Also aging would be nice if this isn’t already the case. Is it? …

like how your ships look dirty and the pain is worn after time? yea, thats pretty cool

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Yes, would be cool.

Looking at the size of the things this would take quite some time. If there where a tool for us players to create our own skins and seding it to CCP for qualitiy assurance, that could work to some extent…
And might be bad for immersion. :man_shrugging:

CCP Fozzie at Eve Down Under '18:

Go to ~05:13:30

I’m not sure about allowing player skins, but would definitely like to see skins made available. Lets you give your station your preferred feel.

they need to add different models.
citadels are ugly AF as is. changing the color wont fix that.
they should be racially designed too. not all caldari themed as they are right now.

player skins are better than the uninspired palette swaps ccp puts out now. and they wouldnt have as many silly garish color combos as the overpriced ccp skins either.

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