Citadel faction SKINS

(ITTigerClawIK) #1

So pretty much as the Title suggests, id really like to see some station Faction SKINs out there placed in the some of the LP stores for a fairly sizable sum of LP or something just something to make our citadels look just a tad different from the thousands of other ones scattered around out there hell id be cool with them being a one time use where you have to purchase one per station and ya loose the SKIN if ya take down the station or it gets destroyed.

(Ebony Texas) #2

id like to see ccp stop pretending to be players and posting this pro-microtransaction propaganda… but hey that’s just me…

EA dude… get off these forums.

thank you


(Lulu Lunette) #3

I’d also really like to see SKIN’s in LP stores or even as drops in the more traditional sites as well. Good idea!

(ITTigerClawIK) #4

… If i was an “EA dude” i would be asking for this to be in the New Eden Store, but i didnt i suggested it be in the LP store.

(ITTigerClawIK) #5

honestly i would like to see all the hip factional skins purchasable for LP in there respective factions LP stores, i honestly thought that was how it was going to go.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #6

I’m a sucker for financial domination. Dust 514 groomed me to be a glutton for punishment, disappointment, and bankruptcy.


(Nana Skalski) #7

There is only few things that is stopping CCP. Market for Citadels SKIN’s would be not so big, as player would have to get citadel. Having Citadel is not so common as having ships. Also one player can have multiple Citadels. He then could use SKIN on all of them. These two things mean that this SKINs would not make CCP a lot of $.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #8

Citadels are not as common as ships, but ownership of them would suggest a stronger sense of personal investment in the game–higher willingness to bedazzle them to highlight investment.

In my personal opinion, most ship skins on tiny ships are silly. Others and myself are zoomed out in a tactical map hardly likely to see these cosmetic pixels payed for. That is a different story for citadels. That would be on display 24/7.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #9

well even though stations do not out number ships, there’s still enough of them out there to justify our need for them.

CCP please give now!

(Nicola Arman) #10

Ooo Citadel SKINS yas plz! Take my money! EAVE Online need this!

(Petrified) #11

I don’t know. On the one hand, I would not mind something that stands out and makes my structures (or ship) more unique. But when I look at the current offerings in the New Eden Store: I see a lot of variations on a theme, but not much that stands out. The Star Captain Skin and Convergence are two exceptions that immediately come to mind to the current Raata Sunset, or Blue Tiger skin variations on a theme.

Basically, until CCP gives us access to tools to create our own skins, I don’t really see any use asking for something that will amount to changing the color of the citadel.

Also, since the Citadel is technically unmanned, the skin effect would have to be something that stays even if the user is not manning it… maybe have a slot for skins that can be added allowing the owner to drop a skin into it and have the citadel take on the appearance of that skin. Obviously, it would be locked in reinforce timers and possibly drop as loot on destruction of the Citadel.