The Drone Herd Recruitin Gallente Bois

The Drone Herd

Gallente drone back by blaster doctrine based mercenary corporation looking for mercenary ideal pilots to start filling up the corp with active numbers to do mercenary actions in New Eden. Newbros welcome into the corp as well since drones easy to learn and a drone ball of Tristans with T2 lights drones be downright nasty.

What be offered

SRP during fleet while flying doctrine ships

50/50 split of isk on kills that you find. 50% be yours while the reminder 50% be split among the fleet.

Vanguard Incursions with drone spider tanking doctrine.

Trig Hunting since fk Trigs, they have the good $hit.

Free fitted Tristan upon entering the corp

Low/Null Gate and Wormhole camps

Nullsec Blops

Lastly and the best, Station OPs for our clients

!!!What be Required!!!

follow the doctrine if you want to be SRPed

able to fly at least a Tristan with T2 light drones

mic for discord comms

be respectful

Thank you for considering The Drone Herd and hope to be flying with you in the near future and hopefully not against you :wink: <3

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