The Economy isn't Broken, and Destruction is not Good

Well, yes. This is a game. I am using words. Words have a meaning.
Am I supposed not to be using words? Should I not use words that fit accurately to what I’m talking about?

This is your defense now? lol
Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me? :smiley:

Read again: It’s not a fight. It’s slaughter! :smiley:
Please show me on the doll the evil word touched you, okay? :smiley:

Well, anyhow, back to the topic I guess.

The Economy isn’t broken.
Suicide Ganking needs a buff.

Flame away!

Everyone is a soldier in EVE, Sol. It’s just that some people choose to be really bad ones.

Everyone can use weapons, and has the same capacity for violence. Just because you kill someone in a very one-sided engagement, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that player could’ve done.


Here’s a valid middle ground:

The slaughter turns into a fight …
… when the cow starts fighting back.

Not before.


big reason…
its called fun
you should try

i dont care about the horde of pharaoh dudes who quit eve with trillions in their wallets and no cool story to tell


thats sad man


I really wanna fly around with you in lowsec. :smiley:

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come :smiley: you are welcome

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I think I have a long range thrasher somewhere.
50km-ish. I’m Alpha, but it works.

I’m in Uedama, -10. Getting there might be a problem without preparation.
How far away / where are you?

3 jumps from amamake
the minmatar was trying to take it yesterday so …

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Fifteen jumps.
Gotta pass.

I’d never get there in a ship …
… and I need to be back in Uedama tomorrow morning.

Was worth a try asking you.
I’ll look into it…

There’s not many like us out there anymore … right?

Keep away from my man, bitch!

I’m actually training a new character specifically because he convinced me to give FW another shot. It’s at about 4M SP right now and subbed for 6 months. When I have time to finally play, I’ll just inject the rest.


You’re a boring person.

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How so?

Quite a few reasons actually.

One of them is this … and I gotta admit, I really hate this … the treating of EVE like it’s a minigame.
Worse, a minigame where you can skip the idea of gaining experience by spending money.
(or ISK, doesn’t matter. the act is what matters.)

What that means is that, before people could inject skillpoints they’ve spent the time training their player-skills …
… while nowadays they can just inject the SP required to fly any ship they want, regardless of their player-skills.

Now, I’m not saying you don’t have any player-skills.

I’m saying that, when your first and foremost comments about playing center around injecting SP …
… then you’re probably not honing your player-skills very well …
… and put too much dependency on your SP, which translates into the ships you can fly, etc. …
… and you’re definitely not going to enjoy yourself.

I don’t even know how many SP I have on my chars.

I must have around half a year to a year of unskilled SP accumulated on Solecist …
… meaning that I didn’t skill while my sub was running, because I just didn’t give a ■■■■.

It was never really worth it remembering, because the accumulation of SP beyond what I need is ludicrous to me.
It wasn’t worth remembering that I had to log in to change a skill and it wasn’t worth doing it in the first place.

I mean … just … what rest is this you’re even talking about?
What is it that’s missing? What more do you even need?
Do you honestly believe it’ll increase your enjoyment?

What more did you need back when you started?
Didn’t you have fun when you started playing this game?

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Dude, I literally said I made an alt specifically for FW. I’m not going to be doing anything new on it that I haven’t already done before. There are no player-skills for me to gain at this point, with the exception of some FW meta knowledge I might not be familiar with that I would acquire in my first three days.

I like flying AFs, and don’t feel like waiting through months of natural training to reach them on one of my dozen accounts, as I’ve already done many times in the past. Do you really not get it?

No I don’t!
Can you explain it to me? :smiley:

You got five bucks? Only the first time’s free.

I wouldn’t know how to wire you money anonymously …
… or do you accept ISK?

o/ Guilty,
I log in + - 1 Hour per day, make + - 13 Billion per month, at a worst case i loose 0.3 - 1 Billion per month when the market changes. There is so little risk in my Gameplay it is funny. I like the shakeups CCP is doing, that is why i re subbed after 4 years. I would love CCP to do some more.

One of the problems with a sandbox is that there’s no real “end goal”, so people just latch onto whatever feels like is “progress” to them. For many, it ends up being isk. But since there’s no “goal” of isk, it just becomes a cycle of “i want more” with no end in sight.


ISK, anime girls, or having me come to Uedama and letting me shoot you are all acceptable forms of payment.