The Economy isn't Broken, and Destruction is not Good

To the point, the hard part about retention in an MMO is that it requires KNOWLEDGABLE AF veterans taking an active roll in the community to essentially organize the playerbase. In Eve the most knowledgeable players are the PvPers because they typically understand both the PvE and PvP sides of the game and can provide insight from a broader perspective.

@DeMichael_Crimson mentioned revenge earlier. Who do you think teaches that PvP interested newbro how to get his revenge? Mission runners? lol. And the $9000 question. Why are we so focused on trying to keep newbro A from losing a ship when we should be focusing on retaining newbro B (the PvPer) who didn’t quit when he lost his first ship?

Why aren’t the PvPers building a community and training newbros anymore? Because we have no ways to support each other. We can’t use logistics, or remote support, as a matter of fact, we don’t even fleet with each other anymore. What are we going to do with a newbro? You think a newbro is going to have fun flying around solo? It’s not like I can logi him either if he gets an engagement. So what now. He sits on a gate in a wardec corp? That’s boring af. Suicide ganks in a fleet for lulz and no money? Not gonna really progress his character much that way.

High-sec baiting/can-flipping/suspect play has traditionally been the entry-level PvP content. If all it takes is a corporation and a community to retain a PvP player then we should be allowing suspects to once again fleet up by unrestricting the use of remote support.



lol. BS. :nerd_face:

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You’ve had conoco, sico and ICANP just in the past couple years.

Corps send out mass invites (not mails, corp invites) in noob systems and market systems without any prior communication.

New players are joining corps without understanding what it means. And the leaders of these corps aren’t supporting them.

There’s a thread started a few days ago showing someone who struggles to teach certain members of his corp because they don’t speak the same language. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of communication they had before an invite was sent out and accepted.

Some corps are clearly about grabbing any new players they can and skimming the top off their income (or in Naari_Naarian case: forcing them to donate their isk for corp projects).


Agreed this has been a thing for as long as I remember and continues now.

It’s been happening since the AWOXing nerf.

There’s no reason not to hoover up noobs on the off chance they pay corp tax.

Yeah it does not surprise me at all that joining a player corp used to be the strongest indicator for player retention has now become ‘only works if the new player receives support’.

No, he’s completely right.

Source: RMT paid off my college loans, and pays my rent right now.

That’s ridiculous, and your post is full of fantasy and misinformation. There’s no PvP “high sec baiting” newbro training going on and there hasn’t even been those situations for years. You’re also basically falling back on the math of “we need 30 targets to train each newbro and if we sacrifice those 30 players to get one new PvPer it’s worth it”.

Your focus is so egocentric and unrealistic, and unprofitable, that only another PvPer would fall for it for a second. “I want easy safe PvP, therefore give me weak targets in high sec safe space or doooom!”.

Red vs Blue is how you organize and train new players for PvP. EVE Universtity, Pandemic Horde, etc. Faction Warfare. Resouce Wars could have been as well, if they hadn’t made as big a mess of it as they did.

Pathetically whining that “We can’t logi newbros in PvP ganks in high sec so there’s no PvP community” is the level of crying and whining your style of PvP is reduced to. It’s just sad.

Grow some stones. Work with the real PvPers. And tell CCP to provide actually interesting PvP opportunities, don’t keep begging for weak fat easy targets in safe space so you can continue to be lame and teach new players how to be lame as well.


Ok Karen…i mean Destiny.

Which is corps don’t want people out when they are reds even in system. It’s sad that people become so risk averse they can’t enjoy the game.
Instead of telling players to dock or log out, they should teach them how to avoid getting killed. I think that’s why EVE-Uni has such a better retention rate. They’re teaching people how to play instead of how to run and hide.

What kind of messed up thinking is that? “More than 80% of my chars are PVE, but I deem myself PVP”. Wat? How are you not an alt-farmer carebear who only ever PVPs occasionally?

If you spend the majority of your game time on your PVE chars, and you do, because pve, hauling, PI, market, etc in this game is quacking timesink and there is no way around it, how can you honestly deem yourself PVP?

Some players exclusively do PVP. Some are exclusive PVE players. Some do both in different proportion. What is wrong in thinking they are all good for the game, not just your camp?

Scarcity breeds war they say? Why dont they cut PVP loot drop to 20% or 10% so people had to kill more people to get the same loot? Why instead they increase it to 90% during Halloween event? Can they not add 1 + 1?

Yet you are the one attempting to pigeon hole him into one category or the other.

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I felt offended and retaliated… In advance. :sweat_smile:

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Fair answer lol

Where does it state that all characters are used an equal amount of time? That makes no sense, I described most of them as “support characters that only log in occasionally”. Your… conclusion can’t be derived from what I stated at all.

I don’t do PI as stated and the only hauling I really do is to get ships and stuff to my low sec entry point, for null sec pvp we have needlejacks these days so you can live out of Jita, undock and be in null sec 30 seconds later.

My only real PVE char that makes me my isk does something I actually enjoy doing and is fairly competitive to a point where I’m doing it in a pvp fit ship. I do that quite often as it’s chill and allows me to chat. I’d say that this and my two pvp chars are used pretty much evenly.

Which was exactly my point, unless you plex for income you pve for income and that means that even if you’re a pvper you still do pve. Meaning that his “only x% are pvp characters so only x% are pvpers” is meaningless statement where he’s reading in to it what he wants to, because it suits his narrative.


My post is 100% correct, I’m not stating opinions I’m stating FACTS. Your kind does not belong in this game. PvE-minded player? Fine. Thinks he shouldn’t have to deal with PvP in a PvP MMO? GET. OUT. CCP only panders to you because you’re easy money. If they were really trying to improve their game they would be disregarding you and your kind entirely in terms of mechanics and balance because you do not have THE FIRST CLUE as to the broader impact of the changes you clamor for.

You talk about retention, and then I give you the EXACT answer and because it doesn’t fit your narrative you cry ‘misinformation’. Your bias is almost as thick as your skull.

Furthermore, you have NO IDEA the variety of PvP I take part in. And let me tell you, it’s pretty much everything. I’ve done solo and fleet low-sec FW, solo and fleet Null-Sec blops, mission runner baiting, war decs, suicide ganking, even WH backpacking… and that’s not even close to all of it. You attempt to pigeon-hole me as some kind of ‘proof’ that you’re right but instead it shows just how ignorant you really are. You have no experience with destruction therefore your opinions hold no weight.

I’m done responding to you until you post from your main character. The whole reason you don’t is because you know as well as I that it would expose your ignorance to the entire topic.

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SiCO and LinkNet never sends out direct invites. We send out recruitment mails that also includes information how to look up corporations on eve forums and on reddit if the players do not feel like joining ours. Our only goal is to get each new player into any proper corporation no matter which.

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