The EVE Onion wants you!

(OpusMagnum) #1

I am OpusMagnum. The CEO of the EVE Onion news organization.
We are in the process of launching our new web site for satire, parody, and fiction based around the EVE Online game and community.
We are looking to hire some permanent positions to add to our team.

Open Positions
Senior Artist: Will work closely with the writing team, web design team, and other media team members to create visual content for articles, web pages, and other future media projects. Responsible for overseeing all creative content from design to delivery. Review all content from other media staff and contributors for quality and plagiarism. The job will require proficient knowledge of graphic design, styles and layout techniques using Photoshop, adobe illustrator, or other recognized image editing software. Reports directly to CEO.
PAY:Monthly - 500,000,000 ISK + new project completion bonuses

Web Developer: Responsible for designing, coding and modifying the EVE Onion website. The job will require proficient knowledge of PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. WordPress is the current platform. A background in WordPress development is not a must, but a plus. Reports directly to CEO.
PAY:Monthly Base - 500,000,000 ISK + new project completion bonuses

If you or someone you know would be a good fit for one of these positions please apply via the instructions below:
SUBJECT: [position-title][your-character-name] Application
*Include a short description of your EVE Online career/accomplishments if you play.
*Include a summary of your skills related to the position you are applying for.
*Include any sample work (preferably EVE Online related if possible)
*Got references? Include them. Name/Site Name and contact info.
*Why do you want to join our team? ISK, Passion for EVE, bored, need an outlet for your creativity?
Interviews will be conducted in the EVE Onion Discord. See link at bottom of post.

Want to submit an idea for an article, tweet, or other content?
Want to submit an article? We pay ISK!
Original EVE Onion Blog run by Tubrug:
New site:

Fly Safe,
CEO of EVE Onion

(OpusMagnum) #2

saved for comments.

(kv2 dng) #3

Will this kinda be like en 24?

(OpusMagnum) #4

Thank You for asking.
Yes! We will be just like EN24. An EVE Online focused media outlet with quality content…but for satire, parody, and fiction.