[Wanted] Writers for satire blog

(Lillik Eoner) #1

EVE Onion News is looking for writers for the relaunch of its venerable satire blog. Short satire, parody, and fiction pieces (1000-2000 words) wanted. This is a paid isk position, either freelance or staff. If interested, submit a sample piece for consideration to: editor@eveonion.com

(yellow parasol) #2

Is this a pure in-character medium?

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #3

1000-2000 words seems excessive for satire which emulates the Onion. I have some ideas in that particular style of humorous faux news parody but nothing that would sustain the joke over a comparatively epic 2000 words.

(Lillik Eoner) #4

Yes, it is

(Lillik Eoner) #5

For someone with the right idea, 2000 words is no problem. We’re also soliciting for shorter hard news-style articles. Send submissions to: editor@eveonion.com

(Lillik Eoner) #6

We’re still looking for writers to join us. Send submissions to: editor@eveonion.com

(yellow parasol) #7

I just now wrote this:

spontaneous outbursts of creativity are a regular thing of mine, and it seemed no fun to send something per mail.

  • What’s the weekly upper limit for the amount of stories articles, or whatever you want written?
  • 1k-2k words seems a bit low. Is it, not to risk going past the reader’s attention span?

Thanks for answering my questions. :slight_smile:

(Lillik Eoner) #8

We don’t have an “upper limit” on submissions. Staff are assigned writing topics per week. If you prefer being freelance, then your articles are used as needed.

The 2000 word limit is to keep articles a certain length. Our goal is to not overlap with other EVE blogs that use a long format.

Hope this helps

(Malik Eyes) #9

is this position still available?

(Lillik Eoner) #10

Yes! Send writing samples to: editor@eveonion.com

(Lillik Eoner) #11

We are still looking for writers. Send short samples to editor@eveonion.com for consideration.

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