The Ever-Roving Fleet

The wandering Fleet of New Eden. Home to Rovers, Wanderers, Nomads and Vagabonds. Call us what you will :slight_smile:

The Ever-Roving Fleet.

Calling Rovers, Roamers, Nomads, Wanderers, Burnt out vets, Dads that just want a bit of peace and quiet, Chilled miners with itchy feet, new guys that don’t know what the hell going on or what they want to do and multiboxers that are actually doing other stuff on screen 1 and just have Eve running in the background, but sometimes like to chat.

The Ever-Roving Fleet is a new entity in New Eden with a very relaxed approach to play. The Fleet is entirely nomadic in nature and holds no territory, structures or political leanings in any meaningful way. It’s entirely neutral and aims to stay that way.
The Core Fleet itself will be moving around the High -sec regions of space but small sections are free to break off and roam in low-sec and null if members choose to do so.
Individuals and Corps are free to join/leave as they see fit and there are no commitments in any way. Alpha accounts and alts are welcome.

The objective of the Fleet is to slowly move around High-sec, directed by consensus, enabling members to mine, engage in industry using whatever facilities are available, run missions in different regions and explore, again, as they see fit. Members can travel with the fleet and wander off as they choose, returning when they want and help each other when they feel able to.
The aim here is to build an actual community that is relaxed, genuinely relaxed and offers something a little different.

If this is something that appeals and you want to get involved getting this up and running then look us up and drop me a message.

Fly safe

Fyr Cassell

First bump :slight_smile:

Hello Fyr,

Sounds like the kind of corporation I’m looking for, I’m very new to Eve but enjoying it. I’m a pretty casual MMO player anymore so I’m looking for a corporation that isn’t super hardcore.

I do have to ask, what time zones are most of your members in? I’m in Eastern US and play mostly in the evenings.


Hi Oashe
Having started The Fleet a few days ago after coming back into game myself the numbers are still small. As people find out about us the numbers will grow and I don’t think it will take long before we have members from all time zones. I personally am EU time zone but one of the Alliance member Corps has players in EU and US timezones.
The Ever-Roving Fleet is designed and aimed at casual players who are seeking a more relaxed pace to Eve than a lot of Corps and Alliances offer so if this is your thing … great.
You are free to join one of the Corps involved, Astral Nomads is mine, with either your main character and/or an alt if you wish. Alternatively people are quite welcome to join the Alliance with a Corp if they want to retain their autonomy and freedom. Not that the Fleet aims to encroach upon or limit players freedoms in any way.
Players are also quite welcome to simply affiliate with the Fleet aswell if that is what they want and simply set their Corp or individual standings to blue, we will happily return the gesture.
If this sounds good to you then get involved in whatever manner you wish and hopefully see you in space :grin:

Fly safe

This sounds pretty cool, how do I join? I won’t be online until later this evening probably about 8-9 hours from now.

No problem mate. No rush or drama here.
To join Astral Nomads simply dock somewhere, look up the Corp info in a contacts search and apply to join. Alternatively if you want to join as a Corp, setting yourself up as a Corp is fine and quite straightforward, then I can guide you through that process if you wish, that is done through the Alliance tab.
Whichever works best for you :+1:

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