The Forgotten Inc

The Forgotten Inc is Recruiting

Hey ya, So we’re currently a very small corp that was recently formed… We are online almost daily and off and on multiple times a day, We are currently Highsec and doing mining, Ratting, scanning, salvaging and looking to get into Indy

We are looking for players new or old that would enjoy a small tight knit feel with little to no drama and just enjoy’s the pve side of eve, We wouldn’t say no to some pilots that can help defend us though!

if you want a more casual mellow out space that’s willing to fly and work together give Aura Silverwind a message in game.

New players are most welcomed I act as a independent eve teacher and love helping new players get started.

Still looking (it’s been 24hours since my post went up so bumping it should be ok?)

what general region is corp calling home?

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