The Fremen Syndicate - C4-C4/C5 - AUS based WH Corp

Discord: The Fremen Discord

Freespace, a concept new to these infernal KSpacers, it is not simply a place, a hidden void, a lawless wasteland. No, it is the space that nought can control, that no CONCORD can subdue, it is a haven for pirates and misfits, a world as you will, of freedom.

The Fremen Insurrection of YC 111

The Fremen Syndicate are a recently re-established Freespace corp. after we suffered a devastating eviction. Determined to keep our community of friends and Freespace fun we pushed ourselves to keep the corp. alive and would not allow an eviction keep us down, for our lives, our hopes and our dreams will always live in Freespace!

After long and arduous trials and tests of will we’ve reborn ourselves to be the Fremen of now, a focus on Freespace PvP we are looking for new members of all backgrounds, who would simply wish to enjoy the wonders of Freespace with us. With a strong and dedicated leadership we’re here for the long haul, and of course, for our community.

  • Small Gang PvP
  • PvE, Combat Sites, Sleeper Relic and Data Sites
  • Exploration
  • Salvaging and Mining
  • Industry (With free access to 7.1bil ISK worth of blueprints and Capital Production)
  • The absolute best killboard you’ve ever seen :wink:

We have a few requirements, as all corp.'s would:

  • 5 million Skill Point Requirement - Freespace is harsh to those new to EVE

  • Active at least once a week - We can understand the wonders of life getting in the way, and in the majority of cases exceptions* will be made, but we can’t survive on a community that doesn’t participate

  • Participate in PvP OPs - We’re here to provide content for all forms of EVE, however our focus is still PvP, so we ask that everyone at least participate in some of the OPs

As a corp we hope simply to grow and continue to provide a fun experience for all members, we’re mainly here to just find some more friends looking to enjoy the game like us.

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The Fremen Syndicate are still looking for new members, at least come chat in our discord :smiley:

The Fremen Syndicate are still looking for new members, at least come chat in our discord :smiley:

The Fremen Syndicate are still looking for new members and I have to make these bumps sound super sell out please help me

The Fremen Syndicate will always be recruiting at this rate someone help me I’m going insane

Free bump from Almost underdogs

Thanks babe :heart:

Shameless bump cause we’re still looking for new members and always will be

We’re in fact still recruiting

Hey there, wanted to get in touch and say hello from Kiwi land:) Just started a corp in WH C3 Wolf–Rayet star. Was wandering how much content can you provide new players joining? sometimes it gets really quiet in here:)

Well we’re currently a part of a decently sized alliance that has been butting heads with a couple other corps and alliances allowing for more plentiful PvP content.

Not only that but we’re planning on expanding our station and production capabilities with our rising members, especially since we have regular PvE and PvP fleet ops :smiley:

We’re still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting wew

Been in the corp for a short time and although I’m on a complete opposite TZ, this corp is great. There’s always something to do down here and the alliance almost always has something planned to do. So whether you’re in AU or EU or US, come join in the WH fun.

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Love you Greg :heart:

Still looking for some new people to join us. Some new stuff coming to our near future, so come join and help us progress into something bigger.

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Still recruiting, come join our boi Greg is bae :heart:

Still recruiting you’ll get complimentary happiness

Still recruiting we have cookies