The Fukamichi Corporation - Opportunities Await in Providence! [-FCHI] [SAYR-]

Looking for a fresh null start? Tired of FATs and not seeing the rewards of your efforts?

The Fukamichi Corporation is recruiting pilots to start a new legacy in Providence and found a community with a focus on teamwork and good fights!

About Us:

Fukamichi is a small corporation looking to build a culture of teamwork and dependability in -game as well as out of game. We want pilots that want to build on that culture and make impacts.

  • Location: Nullsec region of Providence
  • Our strategic location in Providence offers access to lucrative moon mining operations, ratting opportunities, and valuable exploration sites. With Highsec Connections close by!
  • Access to moons, NPC ratting and friendlies in one of the best regions for exploration

What you can expect:

  • Activities focused on combat to build our position in Providence alongside our established allies
  • Access to moons, NPC ratting and friendlies in one of the best regions for exploration
  • Opportunities to take initiative and build the core of a corporation to make your legacy
  • Fun roams, active leadership and an appreciation for small gang fights and individual pilot skill
  • Open door policy with talking to leadership

What we expect from you:

  • A positive attitude and a willingness to contribute to the corporation’s success.
  • Team player mentality and the ability to work together with fellow pilots.

Don’t miss this chance to have your voice and actions matter! Join Fukamichi today and define the future of Providence!

Join the Fukamichi Corporation and be the foundation of a dynamic, thriving community that values both individual growth and collective achievement.

To apply visit EVE-HR/FCHI or for more information, contact @sayr_galactic on discord.

Visit our discord today and begin a new legacy today!

Looking for fun small gang fights? You’ll find them with Fukamichi and SAYR.

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