The game does not download

The game launcher works correctly but at some point during the download it stops suddenly and does not continue downloading the game.

What I can do?
I have tried clearing cache, repairing steam folders and others.

how much space do you have?

100 Gb

don’t know why then slow internet i guses

The download does not slow down… it just stops, at the same point every download.

maybe old launcher then

The version is 2136456, 6.6.13

what version of windows

windows 10

maybe just delete it and get it again not sure other then that

I already did 4 time but i have the same problem

hmm have you restarted your computter

I try everything that says on the support page.

maybe its just a very bugged version just maybe leave it on for a couple of hours it might sort its self

Ok i will wait but I am already waiting almost for 2 days. Thanks!

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