[closed]Launcher keep let download things every day with 2.35GB

I’m now living in a hotel. For my working issues. I still have to be here several months.
I have 2 to 3 hours every day to stay with EVE and my sublime3.

The problem is. I recently have to download 2.35 GB patch every time I open the launcher.

I uninstall the launcher and do the download everything again, no luck.
Check the download everything box, no luck.
Uncheck, no luck.

At last, I decided to use the full package from EVE online official download place. I use a night to download a 8GB pack and install it with the installer.
When I launch it. It started to download update, 80MB, 1.46GB, 2.8GB, 2.35GB. Just like that 1 hour of download 8GB and 45 minutes install did not even exist.

Good news is, I have a two months trainnning queue so I don’t need to worry about skill training, bad news is if this situation keep going…I have to quite the game because two month later, my omega account is over and there is no reason for me to pay for a game I cannot even open it…

I love this game because I have lots of friend in it. So please someone help me to solve this.

Thank you.

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