The Glory Holers! C4 PVP alliance is recruiting All TZ and newbie friendly

Who Are We?


The Glory Holers is a C4 PVP Alliance, We are a group of long time gaming friends, who through luck and a lot of work have finally reached the point where we can begin building our own little treehouse
in this world called Eve.

We are not elite PVP’ers.

We are not billionaire carebears ready to fill your pockets with driblets of money while we line ours with gold

We are not politicians to fill those same pockets with pretty lies and false promises and use you as another piece on the board in the Great Meta Game of eve.

We are drunkards and dreamers, we are castoffs, loners, drifters, miners and fighters.

We are leftovers and remnants, Men and women who prefer and are not afraid of solitude or working for our own gain.

We are children of love and war, equal parts chaos and order tangled together into this web that somehow still works.

We mine, we rat, we trade and we explore, And most importantly We FIGHT, for fun, for profit and to defend what’s ours.

We play the game as it is, A game, a world and universe to be enjoyed, we work simply to let ourselves enjoy it more, and we prefer the hard road of short change to the
easy slide of tall profits.

We would love you to join us.


What are we looking for?

Looking to recruit anyone who wants a family to fly and game with and a group to have fun with in Wspace, Low SP is perfectly fine and we do our best to help new folk out and to keep having fun. We do not accept alpha accounts as the ability to cloak is incredibly important.

We do not currently have a Active EU tz, while we would love to have one this requires an EU tz FC or content creator who would join with friends, while this would be ideal it’s not realistic. if you like flying with us, are EU and still want to join swing by and have a chat.

we are always looking to recruit any pilots who love to explode, drink and laugh themselves silly in comms and understand the difference between tryharding and simply having fun while maintaining the ability to try hard when needed.

This is a game and RL comes first and we focus on fun over Killboard green and fights over isk.

What we offer.

A relaxed group of mature pilots who understand this is a game and that real life comes first

FC training if you wish to learn how to lead fleets along with, both brawl, nanogang and nullsec hunting content.

‘Scout Gets the Loot’ reward system for content creators ( details on application)

Access to Wormhole space for Isk making and PVP and exploration activities. We operate out of a C4 called “El Dorado”

Collective decades of knowledge regarding Wormhole PVP, scouting, isk making and scanning and a group of competent pilots who can teach and help you learn and are also willing to learn.

Fun and flexible doctrines, ship fittings and help with fitting design for your personal needs

We help our members make sure they can afford the losses they will incur while flying with us, but do encourage our members to find their own means of income.

Teamspeak, Discord and forums.


What we require :

A mature and laid back attitude

You must keep your word and be honest

We Drink, this should not offend you

You need not be easily offended, We swear. A lot.

Be respectful of others gender, race, sexual preference, and religion. No edge lords need apply. Know how to back down from a joke and be the first to apologize, Keep it classy.

The ability to use Teamspeak and a Working microphone.

Don’t be cancer on comms, Not everything is a meme. again, keep it classy.

Be 20 years or older ( This is somewhat flexible )

Be able to fly a ship capable of cloaking ( No Alpha accounts ) and you MUST train for our doctrines

Must strongly prefer hunting and PVP to PVE

A FULL NON EXPIRING API Key for ALL of your Characters and Alts. No Exceptions ( We will provide you with instructions and details on how to make this and what it is.)

The ability to think, and patience.

How to find us

Join our public channel at TGH-Public or send Eve mail to one of our recruiters listed below or join our Discord lobby here : TGH DISCORD

EU TZ : Summer Vonsturm,
NA/AU TZ : Corze Musana
NA TZ : Redjon Gilead Aerten, Teh Bear, Corze Musana, Mosquito God


Presentation from one of our directors at Eve Fanfest Fanfest Video

Bump! still recruiting

Despite all the recent excitement in WH space, we’re still recruiting.

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If you like wormholes, inquire within!

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We’re also active in AUTZ with a tight knit group of guys!

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