The Grove is a Casual, New Player Friendly Corp in Low Sec Looking to Grow

The Grove is a small, casual corp currently operating in LowSec. We are a new player friendly corp that will help you learn the ropes in EVE without drama or requirements to do things you don’t want to do. We are currently doing the following:

Lvl 4 Mission Running
Site Running
PVP limited engagements
WH Exploration/Daytrips

We are a US based corp primarily on in the evening US EST. We offer:

Ship Replacement
Mining Buffs
Ore and Salvaged Goods buyback
Low tax rates (5%)

We are currently operating only 8 jumps from a major trade hub in a low sec system with lots of opportunities to learn PVP as well as make ISK.

If you are a new pilot looking for a low drama corps to grow with, look for us in game.




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