The Happy Grasshoppers looking for members minmattar space

who are we ? The Happy Grasshoppers

were do we opperate ? High sec and a bit low sec , minmattar space

who are we looking for ? mature english speaking people

we like to fly together into a mission .
we like to help you were we can , pve/industry/exploring etc
but we dont hold your hand.

does your corp have buy back program?

no as corp we dont buy your stuff by default , members migth though.
but we prefer to teach you how to make most isk from your stuff yourself.

do you use discord/teamspeak?

Yes we do , when rl allows us , but sometimes we need silence and peace afther the kids all day.

how about my real life?

you got demanding kids, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, work, study, hobby, father or even mother in law ? we all do understand! we in the same boat!

Join our public happy grasshoppers channel for a chat or apply straigth away.

hope to see you

We had some new members joining the corp , still open for more like minded people.

So when the kids are to bed , pop into oure public chat =)

Weekend !!! =) always nice to log on and chat with friends , send the wife shopping , kids outside to play ,

still looking for more people in High sec metropolis/heimatar space.

you mining? we got orca boost often available.

still looking for more members ,

if you like to yolo into a frigat into low sec , we need you =)

looking for more members to join our 2 year old corp.

time for celebrations =)

We still looking for more people in minmattar area.

You like to try kill some stuff , or die trying to =) join us .

lazy sunday , got again a few new members this week , but you qeussed it , looking for more =)

Just a bump from work :cricket:


We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again

still looking for more friends , pop into channel ingame or send a mail =)

still looking for you =)

still alive and kicking =) and looking for you !

bump bump =)

still looking for more =)

weeeeekkkeeennnddd :partying_face:

o and still open for more people offcourse :grinning:


weekend =) still looking for you

Interested, I’m sat in your chat channel for a while. Will also drop you a pm in game if I don’t catch anyone

yup did send you repply ingame , still looking for more :grinning: