The Happy Grasshoppers looking for members minmattar space

Hey hello are you still open for new members?

Hello Grasshoppers, I’m a brand new pilot still in the throes of learning the basics of spaceflight. Currently relaxing in the plush seats of my venture…a little tequila in my left hand and the mining laser control in my right. Giving the “what for” to these Veldspar rocks.

Would love to join a relaxed and happy group. Let me know the best way to contact ya.



yes yes , we up and running =) hop on and enjoy the ride

yup even grasshoppers turn to be able to get sick , so one leg is limping , no corn on the table , winter is comming , so i need to get hopping again =) hop along and we migth ice skate together this winter =)

just a simple midweek bump =)

oef monday ok ok i’ll do a bumpy =)

thursday bump , almost weekend hang in there =)

saturday morning , the smell of burning angel rats awaits =)

hopping and wopping still looking for you

weekend =)

slowly more people joining us =) pritty sure we got place for you aswell

to cold to go out side , lets play eve

hop on the train =)

sunday , need to say more ? =)

amazing 1 december allready , the years flash by =)

just a saturday bump =)

wanne wish everybody a happy x-mas =)

we up and running about still =)

hope everybody had a nice x-mas , new year is comming , chilling and relaxing the holidays in eve .
come join us =)

bump =)

weekend =) , raining i stay in !