The Happy Grasshoppers looking for members

who are we ? The Happy Grasshoppers

were do we opperate ? High sec , metropolis

who are we looking for ? mature english speaking people

what kind of people you got in your corp?


does your corp have buy back program?

no as corp we dont buy your stuff by default , members migth though.
but we prefer to teach you how to make most isk from your stuff yourself.

do you use discord? Yes we do .

how about my real life?

you got demanding kids, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, work, study, hobby, father or even mother in law ? we all do understand! we in the same boat!

Join our public happy grasshoppers channel for a chat or apply straigth away.

hope to see you

We had some new members joining the corp , still open for more like minded people.

So when the kids are to bed , pop into oure public chat =)

Weekend !!! =) always nice to log on and chat with friends , send the wife shopping , kids outside to play ,

still looking for more people in High sec metropolis/heimatar space.

you mining? we got orca boost often available.

still looking for more members ,

if you like to yolo into a frigat into low sec , we need you =)

looking for more members to join our 2 year old corp.

time for celebrations =)

We still looking for more people in minmattar area.

You like to try kill some stuff , or die trying to =) join us .

lazy sunday , got again a few new members this week , but you qeussed it , looking for more =)

Just a bump from work :cricket:


We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again

still looking for more friends , pop into channel ingame or send a mail =)

still looking for you =)

still alive and kicking =) and looking for you !

bump bump =)

still looking for more =)

weeeeekkkeeennnddd :partying_face:

o and still open for more people offcourse :grinning: