The Hek Mining Association

The HMA is Dead, Long Live the HMA

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HMA Salutes: Solstice Projekt

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The Problem with Eve a guest post by @Solstice_Projekt

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Who’s the Bosmang?

Enforcing Compliance

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Introducing the Hull Integrity Test

Why “Join” The HMA?

I’m Aiko and I’m the BEST!



2nd Annual April Fools Invasion

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Oops… I did it again [Happy Anniversary]

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My Orca Was Ganked #itfinallyhappened #nsfw


As I’ve said before i support this idea even though we set them to red. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If your a new pilot and live in Hek or close by give them a try ,eve is about working together.

Would you fellows sell the compressed ore you mine? I specifically need scordite or other trit/pyerite heavy ores.

I appreciate the recommendation.

Send me a mail in-game and I will see what I have on hand.

Reintroducing the HMA Structure Network

He can’t protect his freighter, and he can’t protect your station.

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If it doesn’t end up on, did it really even happen?

I sent a salty mail and everything.


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OMG THE SALT IS REAL IN THIS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: /s

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