The Knights of Evermore Lowsec Indy/PVE/PVP

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He hello
Returning player here needed to start over bc my ex biomass my toons and now back to the game with a 4 month old char
Atm I’m flying a jackdaw Cerberus and asteroid t2 shields and t2 rapid lights
Would like to learn pvp
Having my own Corp but I’m the only one who is active .
Got xp in nullsec highsec and wh life so wanna try some lowsec now

Send me a in game mail if you want to know more I’ll read them on my phone

Grtzz MC Fish

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Greetings, joined your recruiting channel in game, 1 person there but either busy or afk. Sent an in-game mail to you though as well

What would your low sec manufacturing look like? I have some toons with build skills and I prefer low sec.

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join are in game recruitment channel to fine out more 07

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