The Lancer Guild PvP/PvE, Alpha/New Bro Friendly

Good Afternoon Recruits,

The Lancers Guild is a Low-Security/ High Security New/Alpha Pilot friendly corporation that engages in PvE and PvP content. We enjoy spending time together and blowing up stuff whether it be rats or enemy pilots.

Requirements to Join:

  • Be active Minimum once a week
  • Know/ be willing to learn how to PvP, if you don’t know how to PvP then we will teach you how
  • Don’t be a rude to our fellow alliance and corp m8’s
  • Understanding English and being able to speak English

Forms of PVE Content We do:

  • Incursions (100Mill / hour)
  • Ded Sites
  • WH ratting
  • L4 Missions

Forms of PvP Content we do:

  • Gate Camping
  • Low/Null sec Roams
  • WH Ambushing
  • Station Bashing and defending
  • Killing Wardec targets

We Offer our pilots:

  • SRP for Cruiser class ships and below
  • PvP training for solo and fleet combat
  • An active corp
  • PvP and PvE Fleet Content

Additional Important info based on FAQ:

  • Our main Timezone is United States timezone;however, we do accept players from all Timezone
  • We are active, we do an inactivity kick once a month so our corp numbers are fairly accurate in game
  • We use Discord for comms
  • We live in Gallente high sec space and Gallente low sec space
  • We prioritize real life over eve
  • We do not do mining or Industry and are not looking to recruit pilots who are only interested in those fields
  • Api Checks may be requested at random and upon joining the Lancers

If your looking for more specific info or have questions to ask please Contact Legacy Skywalker or Khellus Anasurinbor in game for more Info!

We want you! Join The Lancers today!

Lancers are here Recruiting!

Lancers are Recruiting!

We are recruiting new members!

Come be a Lancer today!

Lancers Recruitment still open!

Still recruiting!

We are Recruiting Still, possibly moving into Null in the next 2 weeks !

Still recruiting

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