The Levitating Miners. New Corp!, New Team!

Let’s start at the beginning then…

Levitating Miners are now looking for prospective candidates to take a leading role in this new corp.

Right now I’m in the process of getting to know a few newer faces in New Eden and keeping an eye out for players with good attitude.

Starting a Corp is not an easy task…Keeping it going is even harder!.
The universe is littered with dead corps who had the best of intentions.

Being able to spend a good deal of time in-game is a must.

As the corp evolves we will progress to bigger things…but for now…lets try and keep it as simple as possible :slight_smile:

I expect coordinators to already have their own ships that are fit for purpose in the role they are about to undertake.

I can provide T1 ships for new members when the corp is open for general membership.

If you’d like a challenge and are interested in the above, then please do PM me.

Fly Safe!!