The Lies of the Caldari State

Sure, a few stolen goods – like an entire Wyvern class Supercarrier stolen right from under Wiyrkomi with no casualties on the part of Guristas operatives.

You mean the one they used to develop the fighter bay in the Komodo?

One supercarrier, right?
Are you aware how many gurista forward operation bases has been destroyed since that? How about these casualties?

You may be proud with something as dishonorable as stealing something without confrontation and losses like cowards. But when we come for you - you die. Petty disgusting thieves.

Capsuleers inflict a lot of casualties sure, but I don’t see many if at all Guristas FOB destroyed by the Caldari State. I spoke of the incompetence of the Caldari State in my speech - not freelance capsuleer mercenaries.

Clean operation with objective secured and zero casualties incurred against a State Mega, what’s not to be proud of for a Gurista?

Because that’s just petty and dishonorable theft. Why anyone would be proud of that? It’s just disgracing. If you would manage to defeat same Wyvern in a honorable combat with just another supercarrier, now that would be worthy. Otherwise, you’re just pathetic.

You stole a ship. And that’s all. What would you do, put a ship against Navy fleet? Good luck. We know how it happens: gurista dies. Again.

Why would we in the Guristas want to do that? There’s no profit in fighting people on their own terms and when they expect it, and piracy is a business in the end. Just because Caldari like you care about silly notions like ‘honour’ or farting into the Winds over ‘Heiian’ doesn’t mean those among the ranks of Guristas really give much a damn about it.

You could have asked me with the same effect a question like this: “Why would we in gurista want to behave like humans if we can behave like swines?” - because the meaning and the answer would be the same.

The only pigs I can see are Caldari State corporations getting fat on their own greed to be ready for the slaughter.

Well, EXCUUUSE ME, we aren’t greedy, we build what we need ourselves, and if we make more than you it means we’re more efficient not greedy. And if we don’t share with you, it again doesn’t mean we’re greedy, it means you don’t deserve anything. On the other hand, the greedy swines are exactly gurista, who instead of making something useful just steal what others build and create.

And showing themselves of being proud of that. That’s just so petty and pathetic.

If Caldari Megas are too weak and incompetent to protect what is their own from the Guristas, then they don’t deserve to keep what they build and create.

What do you mean as ‘Protect’?
Build a space wall?

We simply punish those, who steals. We kill them. And you can see that in amount of gurista wrecks scattered through the New Eden.

Glory to the State!

I suppose when Caldari of the State don’t even know what protect means in the first place then it is understandable how Guristas steal what they want from the Megas and people like the Triglavians manage to steal whole stars and solar systems from its Navy.

And they all will die for this.

I have almost no stake in this. But after Crierere, where the Caldari State openly admitted to engaging in theft on the grounds ‘they did all the hard work so it’s okay for us to steal things’, arguing that the Gurista’s are honorless thieves is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

“Honour is for the foolish and the dead; but profit lasts a lifetime.” – Fatal’s Rules of Acquisition, number 36.

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Where are these rules from? Excerpts of his book of “How to turn humans into swines?”

They’re proverbs and aphorisms incorrectly attributed to Fatal for a bit of humour. Like:

Never be afraid to get dirty in the mud when people cast their pearls before swine. – Fatal’s Rules of Acquisition, number 117.

I was not wondering where the hologoth trend of partially-digested pearls came from, but now I know.

Hologoth? I don’t think I’m edgy enough for that.

No, I don’t imagine. But for the denizens of certain shopping enclosures, it is fashionable to state “these pearls are partially digested - like my soul.”