The like and get likes thread

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(Nana Skalski) #7775

Hmmm, that is what I liked to hear all the time in winamp, when the technicolor radio was still a thing. :thinking:
This and ambient and drone. Ah, that was a great time.

(Yiole Gionglao) #7776

And, it’s beddy time for me… nighties lovelies!

BTW, where is Lord Odysseus? People just stop coming and never say a word… :frowning_woman:

(Yiole Gionglao) #7777

Also: this is silly… or cute… or annoying… or…

(StonerPhReaK) #7778

First time I’ve every heard a calculator with sound… Oddly intrigued.

(Nana Skalski) #7779

There are also talking calculators and they are talking in chinese. One of such calculators was also posted by me some time ago in this thread.
And something about chinese keyboards.

(Yiole Gionglao) #7780

BTW, I don’t know WTF is this, but it’s really, really annoying!

WTF seriously. People are making covers with this instrument of devil and sampled bases because the bloody thing only can squeak like a mouse…

They’re miles behind the mighty Floppotron!

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(Omega Jovakko) #7782

There’s a spider somewhere loose in the universe, I smashed it, but it vanished, no trace of it anywhere.

The perfect defense mechanism


(Arcanith Lionheart) #7783

(StonerPhReaK) #7784

My mouth waters just looking at this memory. Prolly one of the tastiest things I’ve ever found. Pure cheesypoof cheese. /me salivates uncontrollably.

(StonerPhReaK) #7785

Normally I wouldn’t believe such crazy talk. But i myself have ran into your spiders cousin whom has the ability to fire mini emp’s. With that being said. I will keep my eye out for said timetraveling spider and have added it to my watchlist. It would be wise for you to add the EMsPider to your watchlist as well. Safe travels.

(Val Kaleth) #7786

BLECH, that looks like fast food someone dropped on the car floor and didn’t clean up :nauseated_face:

I feel the need to scrape out my arteries just looking at it :worried:

(StonerPhReaK) #7787

It was worth the week of my life I lost by eating it. I plan on living until I’m 670 anyway so I have time to spare.

(78 Aster) #7788

Looking through some of my school archives and noticed a few large files. One psd being, I believe when I first made it, 5 GB in size, and I also found a png 1.5 GB in size, yet my 3d models are only about 19 KB in size… how… strange. I’d upload one but I think CCP has an image size limit, and lowering it to about 235 KB demolished the quality…

(Nana Skalski) #7789

Timezone everyone o/

That is some huuuuuge nugget. :joy:

They are so tasty, but also nasty at the same time. I found one some time ago in a bag of potato chips. Flavouring agent, condensed. I ate it in parts in some dishes, but it feels like you would eat Agent Orange despite being delicious.

Why you smash spiders? :anguished:

(Val Kaleth) #7790

I do not kill spiders, but I do hope they eat the earwigs. :spider:

Agent orange may only be slightly more deadly, and definitely taste better, which is not saying much :confounded:

(Omega Jovakko) #7791

I’ve been trying so hard not to kill spiders, i’ve been trying to push myself to just put them outside

And for like, a year, I was doing amazingly. But if it’s going to either require me to scower the house to find something to put it in, and in that time it vanishes, I’ll simply skip that search and go with the higher evil with a prayer

(Yiole Gionglao) #7792

Earwigs? After looking for the word in Spanish, I recall that these bugs had a gross nickname when I was a child; children called them “cortapichas” which means literally “cockcutters”, whereas the usual name is “tijereta” (related to “tijeras”, scissors).

(Yiole Gionglao) #7793

And by the way, good morning LAGLers! gollwoing up with the indepndnece crazy, today they’ve called a general strike, which I ma following sicne it affects public transportation so I agreed with my boss to not go to work today. He haves a car so he’ll go to work, just will not open the shop. Not that we are very busy in this season, neither; if I had pending work, I would go no matter what.