The Long Dark (PART 1)

YC112 1900

  • Twelve years ago*
    Upon waking up for the cloning chamber i stumbled to my feet, feeling some what weird and dizzy. I walked over the a mirror seeing myself, but was it… This was the day of my death, and my new life as a capsulier!

YC124 0900

Day 1290, on patrol in a new system, another one ive never been to since being offered this mission and The Aegis. heading to out destination where we last saw my contact for CONCORD, warp was taking a bit to get to the location in dead space but i had the crew ready for a fight just in case.

Once arriving at the location there was a heavily damaged Enforcer cruiser, but no sigh of enemies.

“DAMN, looks like they got to him first”, I said looking at the Enforcer wreck. “Any life signs Zack”? I asked. This CONCORD informant was ment to give me details and a identity to a spy inside CONCORD itself that was high up in the chain of command.

“Nothing boss, just dust and echos”. Zack replied with disappointment.

“OK, lets get out of here befor-”…

Just then a large fleet of Blood Raiders warped in out of dead space and started to lock onto the Aegis!

I said in panic, “Gabbi gets us the hell out of here, NOW”!

laser fire from multiple ships hit Aegis shields! As the Aegis takes evasive action and turns back the way they came in.

“Activating the Micro Warp Drive, hold on everyone”! Gabbi yells to everyone on the bridge as she flips the switch and the Aegis picks up speeds of over 1300 m/s!

“Shields down 70%”!! Zack yells at Haseo.

I yell at Gabbi with concern, “GABBI, NOW WOULD BE GOOD”!

The Aegis enters warp just before there shields go down and they escape.


Hours later after we got back we been trying to get a hold of our employer but with to no avail, we been waiting for 17 hours.

Zack walks into the room saying, “This is taking to long maybe he was killed”!?

I replied, " Don’t say that, hes a good friend of mine, he might not be a Capsulier, but hes a fighter". Just then the meeting room monitor turned on and our employer showed his face on screen saying, “Sorry for the wait couldn’t get away, its getting bad here after the whole Triglavian Invasion into our empire CONCORD tightened up security, thus said i might only have mere moments to talk to you so ill make it short, your next assignment will be to head to the location sent in this encrypted data im handing over now, Haseo i cant stress enough how impotent this next mission will be, it must be done”!

I reply to him looking over the data in shock, “SIR, BUT THIS IS…”

He replies over the screen, “I know, get it done”! The screen turns off and the transmission ends. I turn to Zack and said, " Well, looks like where going to Jita"!

(part 2 will be added as a comment soon as i brain storm)


Nice story! One issue though - I think the year is wrong. Currently, it is YC124. I think you probably meant YC122, which would be 2020 IRL.

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ty ill edit

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